CVN Kalari East Hill exemplifies the wholistic nature of kalaripayat, beginning with the house designed and built according to the traditions of Kerala, but with all modern amenities. The wooden swing on the first floor is a favourite spot for relaxation.

The healthy food freshly prepared from local produce is so delicious that guests quickly become hooked. The meals at the large dining table are always times of joyous conviviality with the family and other guests. One can choose vegetarian or non-vegetarian options.

The kalari has a mud floor which is the best surface to bring the perceptual awareness of the body that facilitates learning. Students who come for a short time can practice with the regular students in the early morning, and then avail of private sessions during the day with Vikas Gurukkal or Vijayan Gurukkal to intensify their learning.

Massage rooms allow for both hand and foot massage as well as various techniques such as shirodhara, where a thin stream of oil is dripped onto energy points on the body, and healing massage with herbs for specific ailments.

Dr. Sahana Vikas, a fully qualified Ayurvedic doctor, is available for Ayurvedic consultation and healing.

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